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Human Resources Services:


Business performance is driven by the efficient utilization of resources: financial resources, technological resources and of course, human resources. In an increasingly competitive world where firms must achieve more with less, human resources are emerging as the most challenging to secure, the most elusive to quantify and the most critical to success. Making the best of your human resources means bringing out your people’s talent, thus improving your productivity and gaining a market edge. Your people are the key to advancing to the next level of competition.

As a fully integrated HR capability in Yemen, with expertise in HR strategy, change leadership, pensions, HR transformation, high performance cultures, compensation and benefits, learning and employee tax, our consultants identify, manage and solve the people issues that enable businesses to perform above their potential. We are the only professional services firm with a broad and deep HR capability and the only HR consultants with an integrated tax capability.

People and performance issues are common concerns to organizations in every industry. More often than not, those issues stem from people strategies being out of step with corporate strategy.

Our Human Resources services help drive business performance by realizing the true potential of the people within an organization. By helping them develop and grow, managing change and, if necessary, transforming the HR function, we can deliver real gains to an organization’s bottom line.

Our expertise covers key areas such as change, strategy, transformation, learning and development, HR due diligence and merger integration. We also consult on bespoke projects like leadership development and the legal aspects of managing employee claims.


Our specialized consultants will work with you to align human resources and business strategies by focusing on the people related factors that affect your organization’s success. We’ll help you achieve exceptional business performance by providing change, learning, human resources and performance management solutions in practically all aspects of people management and organizational effectiveness.

Our Human Resource consultants are broad based business consultants who specialize in integrating people issues with business strategy. In short, we deliver more than typical HR consultancy by answering all aspects of human resources management. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance our clients’ organization’s productivity and profitability and ensure they cross the finish line first in a way best suited to their business needs.

In summary, our Human Resources services group offers the following services:

  • Organizational excellence
    • Development and implementation of performance management systems
    • Talent management, human resource planning
    • Development of competence models for employees and executives to manage their performance
    • Writing job descriptions
    • Development of staff size control techniques in accordance with the best practices
  • Employee and executive compensation and benefits programs
    • Development of fair and transparent compensation packages, including base pay and bonuses
    • Assessment of positions and creation of a structure of categories and positions in accordance with the best practices
    • Development of reward programs for separate employee categories o Development of long-term incentive programs
    • Customized overview of pay levels across different sectors
  • Organizational design – optimization of existing organizational structures, development of organizational structures in alignment with the business strategic objectives
  • HR management strategy
    • Support during complex transformation of the HR function
    • Alignment of the HR strategy with the general business strategy
    • Reengineering of HR processes and technologies
  • Development of innovative personnel recruitment, training and development systems
    • Leadership development and implementation of a counseling system
    • Personnel recruitment, training and development strategies, vendor selection and assessment of programs
    • Evaluation of corporate culture and its alignment with the company’s mission
    • Internal communications strategies and models
  • Regulation of employment relations and compliance analysis
    • Audit of the HR document flow, policies and procedures and their review for compliance with the local labor legislation
    • Overview of labor legislation related issues
    • Optimization of the HR Department policy
    • Possibilities for employee retention initiatives

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