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Technology Services:


We view technology as a strategic business resource which, when used effectively, is a key enabler of the “Board Agenda” as well as an enhancer of organisational performance.

Our main priority is to ensure that we are always able to help our clients align their business and technology strategies and to pursue these in a sustainable and supportive way. We also recognise that a wide-reaching network of alliance partners and/or strategic technologies is key to ensuring delivery success.

Our solutions and services portfolio has the following clear areas of focus:

  • Establishing technology as a key enabler of business strategy through the development of pragmatic IT strategic plans.
  • Shaping, building, integrating and deploying tailored technology solutions for clients.
  • Delivering specific technology solutions which address specific business issues.

Our services ensure you acquire the correct technology and achieve your company’s goals. We aim to respond to our clients’ needs in order to guarantee success by making processes, people, and technology work in harmony.

Vision’s team of qualified and extensively experienced consulting team enable our clients to:

  • Run their businesses more effectively and efficiently
  • Serve their customers better
  • Improve cash flow and cut costs
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Expand financial management capability

We offer a broad range of Information Technology and systems services ranging from technology strategy evaluation and improvement, to system selection and project management office and implementation. We offer the following services:

IT Strategy & Management:

developing executable plans and managing performance to maximize business value from IT assets, IT strategy, planning, governance, performance management and IT security.

Information Dynamics:

getting the right information to the right people at the right time by converting raw data into business insight, enterprise information strategies, business intelligence, data warehousing, enterprise portals and content management.

Architecture & Infrastructure:

optimizing the underlying platforms that support business applications, making the business run better. Technical infrastructure, networking, IT operations and outsourcing advisory.


A detailed list of our services is as follows:

  • IT architecture and infrastructure
    • Technology architecture and infrastructure
    • Networking
    • IT management
    • Advice on outsourcing
  • IT Strategy & Management
    • IT strategy: Develop business-aligned IT Strategy driven both from a top down analysis starting with an articulated business strategy and a bottom up technology capability assessment
    • IT effectiveness : Assist clients in “operationalizing” their strategies by formalizing the tools and processes needed to understand how IT resources and programs create and maximize shareholder (business) value
    • Information security: Ensure information protection on computer systems and networks by putting to use best practices in policies, procedures, and technologies.
    • CIO services: Assist CIOs in defining the key competencies, processes, organizational structure and performance measures required to become a world class, value-creating IT organization.
  • Enterprise Information Management
    • Enterprise information strategy and architecture
    • Business intelligence and data warehousing
    • Enterprise content management strategy and advisory
    • Document management and records management
    • Workflows and business process automation
    • Web-content management
  • Systems Integration
    • Custom-tailored solutions
    • Functional and operational testing
    • Large-scale integration project management

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