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Our Team:


We are committed to provide our clients with technically qualified personnel in various industries and service liens.

Professional staff, qualified in disciplines of accountancy, assurance, consulting and learning are available with us. These individuals have thorough experience in various industries such as telecom, banking, manufacturing, trade, transportation, government etc.

We implement a minimum training program requirement. This includes a series of levels in both technical and soft skills that each professional is expected to acquire for his/her staff grade within the Firm before they can be recognized for promotion to a higher grade. In addition, professionally qualified staff is usually required by their Institutes or Professional Bodies to fulfill a minimum number of hours of training each year in order to maintain their professional licenses.

We have committed our best and most experienced team from various service lines within our group to serve our clients. These veterans have demonstrated the ability to think strategically and interpret the implications of current trends and circumstances; to communicate effectively; and to commit, with energy and enthusiasm, to the highest professional and client service standards.

The members of our core service team are normally selected for their high degree of relevant experience and technical expertise, and their proven ability to work together as a team to provide a high quality service. We believe that we have the necessary skills to support our clients business as it achieves its objectives and meets the challenges and opportunities you face.

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