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How We Do Things:

A critical component of our client service cycle is creating measurable performance objectives and having the client evaluate our performance against them. We believe that what gets measured gets done. This is an essential means for ensuring continuous quality improvement.

Central to our approach to serving clients is the authority of a lead service partner who has the authority to negotiate fees and establish engagement scope; decide on ancillary services rendered, and otherwise manage the unified team, cutting across boundaries and internal lines of operating authority.

As a means of achieving universal agreement about “how we do things,” our partners promulgated a set of 9 Service Standards that were reviewed and adopted by every firm of our group. These standards outline our team’s specific responsibility to identify our clients’, people and community expectations and measure our success in exceeding them.

These Standards are as follows:

  • On each engagement, we listen to our clients, people and community and determine their needs and requirements.
  • We convert these needs and requirements into value added objectives for our clients, people and community.
  • We develo ...Read More

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