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Statutory Audit Services:


Our audit methodology goes far beyond the basic attest function and is designed to provide valuable business advice to enable clients become more competitive and better positioned for the challenges ahead.

Our audit approach is risk based with a focus on understanding each entity and its environment and identifying risks associated with the entity, the audit engagement, and the financial statements as a whole.

The audit approach requires the development of an audit plan that responds to these risks and to the entity’s specific circumstances.

During our audit engagements, we consider our clients’ existing risk analysis to ensure that we capture what is important to our clients. We will also refer to Internal Audit Plans “if available”. We will place more emphasis on certain areas of business and financial risk; however our approach to the rest of the business will be efficient, focused and reflective of our clients’ strategy.

We normally develop the audit plan having an input from our and your teams. We expect to identify both common risks and risks specific to individual busines ...Read More

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