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Tax and Social Security Services:


Our tax practice is one of the best in Yemen, providing a comprehensive range of taxation services and advises to all types of business organizations and individuals. Our approach extends beyond compliance – rather; our professionals recognize and understand the impact of tax issues on business and adopt a proactive approach identifying and bringing new, effective ideas to our clients.

Our firm is able to provide a full local tax service, including consultations on local taxation issues, customs and fiscal regulations, tax and business planning advice, and computation and preparation of tax returns for both corporate and individual clients. Our tax professionals are kept abreast of all extensive communications network which includes meetings, seminars, newsletters and bulletins.

Our firm produces a technical bulletin on taxation implications for various important industries in the country and on recent developments in fiscal, commercial, investment and labour legislation. Income tax laws and regulations, together with fiscal guides, are prepared in the Arabic and English languages.

Our firm also provides consultan ...Read More

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